Mom ‘Livid’ After Husband Admits He Sometimes ‘Forgets’ To Put Their 3-Year-Old In A Car Seat

Everyone and we mean everyone, knows that car seats are imperative for children when traveling in a vehicle. Car seats keep children safe and secure not only in the event of an accident but it also allows the driver to focus on driving knowing that their child is safely secured in their car seat. Using car seats is an absolute no brainer when you have children, so it may be surprising to know that there are some people who don’t always use them.

In a letter to Slate’s Care and Feeding parenting advice column, a woman who signed her letter ‘Safety Patrol’ shared her frustrations and anger in finding out her husband doesn’t always use a car seat when driving their 3-year-old son home from daycare. She explained that she typically drops their son off in the morning, and her husband picks him up at the end of the day. “My husband owns multiple cars and often rotates which he drives to work—but he only has one car seat. I assumed he moved the car seat in the morning when he chose what car to drive but discovered he was not doing that,” the frustrated woman wrote. “He admitted that if he happened to drive a car that didn’t have a car seat in it on a given day, he would simply buckle our son in normally (as if he were an adult).”

Understandably the poster was outraged to learn that her husband was driving with their three-year-old not properly restrained. “I was livid and told him I felt like this was dangerous and really irresponsible. My husband responded by getting upset, then reminding me that the daycare is close to our house, and that he was able to take a route home from the daycare through a neighborhood (so no streets with a speed limit greater than 25), and that he made sure to drive slowly and pay attention to what was going on around him.”

She explained that she told her husband that he either came home and got a car seat for their son or she would start picking him up to ensure he was safe, but that her husband assured her he would make sure to have a car seat from now on. The poster, however, is still a bit wary of letting her husband pick up their son, and finds herself questioning him to ensure he has a car seat installed. “Am I overreacting? I can’t stop thinking about what would happen if they did get into an accident (even at a low speed) or if my husband happened to get pulled over while our son was improperly restrained.”

The poster was assured by columnist 

Readers agreed with Alam with some taking to Twitter to give their own advice. ” If the daycare is a freakin’ mile from your home, the husband can CERTAINLY walk there and take the toddler back walking if it’s too much of a problem to put the car seat in,” wrote one outraged commenter. Another didn’t mince words writing, “Her husband is a f*cking idiot!” Another pointed out that accidents are rarely planned writing, “It’s not you stupid. It’s the other guy going 100mph that hits you.”

Hopefully, the father will wake up and realize just how crucial having your child properly restrained in a car is for their safety and the safety of everyone in the car.