San Antonio daycare under investigation after allegations of abuse

A Southwest San Antonio daycare is under investigation after a parent alleges her children were abused.

Dorianna Garcia has pulled her kids out of the daycare at Valley Hi First Baptist Church after she says they came home with bruises and red marks on their body.

“I don’t know how somebody could do this. How could you treat children this way? They’re so young. They’re so innocent.” said Garcia.

She says on multiple occasions, her 3-year-old son’s cheeks were red with marks on each side as if they had been squeezed. According to Garcia, he’s also had cuts to his behind and marks to other parts of his body.

“He’s come home with red marks behind his ear where I guess they pull on his ear. I was like what happened to you? He goes teacher, teacher. I go what happened? He said I was being a very bad boy,” said Garcia.

The young boy also told her he witnessed her daughter being abused as well.

“My son started coming home and saying that they were tying her hands together with robe and putting tape on her mouth and putting her against the wall,” said Garcia.

While conducting this interview, two other parents at the same facility came forward and voiced similar concerns to our news station.

“If your children come to you and tell you that things are happening, believe them,” said Garcia.

A representative from the state confirms that an investigation is being conducted by Child Care Investigations (CCI) at Valley-Hi Baptist Academy. CCI is working to determine whether abuse or neglect occurred. They will also investigate whether there were any violations of the minimum standards for child care.

The chairman of the academy committee tells us our news station they were made aware of the allegations on Sunday evening. They immediately made the decision to move the accused employee to an administrative role where she will not have any one-on-one contact with children until the investigation is complete. Once the investigation concludes, they will take whatever action is necessary to protect students.

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