Man charged after slapping 9-month-old

GREAT FALLS- A detective was assigned a Department of Family Services case after a report of a 9-month-old with a large suspicious hand-sized bruise on his face.

Charging documents say after the child was sent to a clinic where it was determined that the bruise was consistent with being slapped.

The detective talked to both parents, the father being identified in charging documents as Omar Jaramillo.

The child’s mother told officials that Jaramillo picked up the child from daycare on October 21 at about 5:30 pm and dropped him off with her later that day between 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm after picking up a crib from Walmart. The mother said she immediately noticed the bruise on the side of the child’s face and Jaramillo told her he did not know where he got it.

Jaramillo told officials that he picked up the child and took him to the Smelter Avenue Walmart when the 9-month-old would not stop crying while Jaramillo waited in the parking lot to pick up a crib.

Jaramillo admitted he got frustrated and slapped the child once across the face with his open hand.

Omar Jaramillo has been charged with one count of assault on a minor.

Charging documents say Jaramillo’s bond is requested to be $30,000 because of the offense against a helpless infant and Jaramillo’s criminal record which contains a conviction in 2014 for stalking.