Colerain daycare under state review for health, safety violations

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) – Unsanitary conditions, babies sleeping inside car seats in cribs, and breast milk not labeled. These are just some of the problems found inside Smart Start Childcare.

This week, three toddlers got away from that facility and made it onto busy Harrison Ave. before a stranger helped them. Smart Start childcare opened in May, it’s already under investigation.

The facility was inspected twice, most recently in July. That inspection shows 13 non-compliance issues. Local12 requested that report through job and family services, but there is a way you can get information with the click of a button.

“This little guy I adopted two years ago, or a year ago almost. This is little Mikey,” said Chad Frimming, a daycare Dad.

Families put their trust in a daycare. “I looked at becoming a stay at home Mom and doing the budget and we looked at everyplace we could,” said Anne Henson, daycare Mom.

Chad and Anne said they found their facility by word of mouth.

“You can read good reviews or hear about everything on their websites but someone who has a personal experience from that location is the best way, I think,” said Henson.

Their number on concern, safety. “Watching the cameras all day almost everyday for the first few weeks that they were here, it was tough, but it was awesome to have that to fall back on,” said Henson.

Inspection reports from job and family services show problems a referral won’t tell you. At Smart Start Childcare their inspection report cites them for children sleeping at tables and on the floor, breast milk unlabeled sitting out of the refrigerator among other things.

You cam access reports like this at, next type in your zip code and a list of facilities pops up, click on a location, and you have access to inspection reports, licensing and program information for childcare facilities

“Would that be something you’d want to look at? Probably. Why? Security. It’s all about number one, just taking care of this little guy,” said Chad Frimming.

Henson said she knew about the site it gives her extra peace of mind.

“We actually looked at it before we came here, which it was an awesome thing because I looked up several locations and you can see reports of health violations if they have them or breaches and things which was great,” said Henson.

Local 12 called Smart Start Childcare and spoke with the owner Haley Kummer. She asked for written questions regarding the inspection. She did not respond to the email.

Smart start childcare sent the state its plans for correcting things, and they’re under review.