SRCSO: “Hand, finger marks” found on child abuse victim’s thighs

A Santa Rosa man is facing child abuse charges after bruises were found the body of a child under his care.

On June 4th the Santa Rosa County Sheriffs Office (SRCSO) responded to a report of possible child abuse.

SRCSO: “Hand, finger marks” found on child abuse victim’s thighs. (Source: Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office/ Photo: Kyler Daniel Glassman)

The report says deputies met the Child Protection Team (CPT) at the home where Kyler Glassman had struck the victim.

According to the report, an investigator for the Department of Children and Families (DCF) was also present and reported the victim had bruises on top of both his thighs.

The report also states that this isn’t the first time someone was called on Glassman.

On May 22, DCF got a call from the victim’s daycare, says the report.

According to the report, Glassman started acting “demeaning and ugly” to the child, after the daycare spoke to him about the child’s behavior.

Glassman was heard telling the victim that he was going to beat him when they got home, said the report.

After hearing this, the report says daycare workers checked the victim the following day and noticed bruises resembling “hand and finger marks” on the victim’s pelvic area and thighs.

On May 23, a medical exam scheduled by DCF revealed the victim had excessive bruises on his buttocks, stated the report.

The reported added these bruises turned out to be similar to a separate report from February 22.

Glassman is facing charges for cruelty toward a child without causing great bodily harm.