Elizabeth Warren Wants Universal Childcare for Babies After Birth, But Unlimited Abortions Before

Elizabeth Warren bragged that her wealth tax proposal could be used to provide universal childcare Wednesday during the Democratic presidential debate.

But Warren’s proposal is not completely universal. As a believer in abortion without restriction up to birth, she would deny basic human rights to unborn babies – and some babies after birth, too.

The Daily Mail reports Warren touted her tax plan Wednesday night while criticizing “freeloading billionaires” for not paying what they should to the American government.

A senator from Massachusetts, Warren said: “those at the very top” should be forced to pay more in taxes to support lower-income Americans. Her plan would put a 2-percent tax on wealth of $50 million to $1 billion and a 6-percent tax on wealth above $1 billion, according to the report.

Faced with criticism about her proposal, Warren responded that the extra tax money could do a lot of good for children of the United States.

“Let me just tell you what we can do with that 2 percent wealth tax. Two cents on the top one-tenth of one percent in this country, and we can provide universal childcare for every baby in this country ages zero to five. That is transformative,” Warren said.

“We can provide universal pre-K for every 3-year-old and 4-year-old in America. We can stop exploiting the women, largely black and brown women, who do this work,” she continued.

Warren’s views on children are quite hypocritical, though. During the same debate, she insisted that killing unborn children in abortions is a “human right.” Her voting record and past statements indicate that Warren supports abortions for any reason up to birth.

But Warren’s hypocrisy is not limited to unborn children. In February, she voted against a bill to protect newborn babies from infanticide if they survive abortions. She defended her vote against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act soon after the vote, saying, “Women and their doctors should decide what’s best for their health – not the @SenateGOP.”

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Data from state health departments, the Centers for Disease Control and other sources indicate that babies do survive abortions, and laws are needed to protect them. In Minnesota alone between 2016 and 2018, 11 babies were born alive after failed, legal abortions, according to state health statistics.

Warren presented herself Wednesday as an advocate for vulnerable children, but her record shows that she would deny basic human rights to the children who are the most at risk of losing them.