Parents demand answers after 2-year-old with autism walks out of local daycare unnoticed

MONACA, Pa. – Two parents are furious after they learned their 2-year-old son, who has autism, managed to walk out of his daycare by himself.

This happened at Kid Country Child Development in Monaca.

“He could’ve gone into the river that daycare is only a few blocks from the river,” said Breanne Steiner, the child’s mother. “He had no shoes or socks or a jacket on.”

She told Channel 11 he was wandering outside after getting out the doors, and no one noticed.

Steiner said police called her and told her they had her son. They said someone noticed the child alone on 10th Street going toward Pennsylvania Avenue.

Police said no one reported the child missing, so they called the daycare. Steiner said the owner explained what happened.

The owner explained the toddler “managed to slip out the one-room he was in” and got out without them noticing.