Firefighters rescue toddler who got head trapped between bars

Firefighting and rescue teams in Jerusalem were called to a kindergarten in the old Katamon neighborhood of Jerusalem on Monday after a toddler got his head stuck between the railing bars of the school stairwell.

Firefighters comforted the crying child and began using a rescue device designed for just such a situation.

Within minutes the toddler was rescued. He was examined by Magen David Adom paramedics, who determined that he did not require medical treatment.

Major Ziv Yona, the team commander who rescued the baby from the bars, said “We were told of a small toddler who put his head between the guardrail bars while playing in the kindergarten where he was staying. However, despite the efforts of the kindergarten staff, the child was unable to get his head out of the bars.”

“We arrived quickly, saw the child trapped in the bars and saw that he was healthy, but was panicking and restless.