Tragic Day Care Accident At Kiddy Place, A Baby Girl Got Killed By Her Mother’s Car

A mother heavily pregnant accidentally kills her daughter. The mother explains that she was trying to put on the air conditioner when her faulty SUV accidentally rolled back. She went to her daughter’s daycare when her SUV accidentally went on top of her baby girl, crushing her completely. The baby girl Charlotte Smithers was of three years. She was a bubbly and bright girl. The accident took place on October 14 at Kiddy Palace Learning Centre, located in Melbourne.

The Guilty Conscience

It is an unforgettable day for the pregnant mother, Ms. Furner. She says that she is currently staying at a mote. Ms. Furner is not too keen to face the empty bed of her baby girl. She says since it was too hot outside on that day, approximately 26 degrees, she just wanted to turn on the air conditioner. The mother says that she was loading her three children into her car.

She says that the car was still parked while her handbrake was on. While turning on the AC, her car suddenly rolled backward and went on top of her daughter. As per Daily Mail Australia, “when we came out of the daycare, all the kids got into the car except Charlotte. She was waiting for me to put her in. I went on to the driver’s seat to turn on the ac when it ran my baby girl over”.

MS Furner claims that her car was a faulty one. She is also planning on filing a lawsuit against the accused rental company. She did not specify any name but says that it was her car’s fault. Her kids are her world, and she would never do such a terrible thing intentionally.

The On-Scene Situation

Ms. Furner explains that most of the situation is a blur for her. She does not remember exactly what happened that day. However, she manages to remember that the ladies of the daycare told her that she was crying for help while holding her daughter. She exclaims that the childcare workers were kind enough to rush for help. The came in hurriedly and began giving CPR to her daughter.

Ms. Furner says, “I remember my baby girl lying dead on the concrete floor while a lady was trying to give her CPR. She was filled with blood”. Ms. Furner was treated by paramedics and was also taken to the hospital. She was there treated for injuries and shock, which might have affected the unborn.