5-Year-Old Brings Dad’s Heroin To School, Says It Made Him Feel Like Spiderman

Teachers were shocked at discovering the superhero-stamped baggie brought by a kindergartener to school contained heroin. The 5-year-old boy told the Massachusetts kindergarten school officials it transformed him into Spider-Man upon tasting it.

The young boy brought alarm to the teachers and officials of the H.B. Lawrence Elementary School in Holyoke when he showed the contents of a baggie to them. The Daily Hampshire Gazette reported that the outer part of the baggie brought by the boy has a stamp of Spider-Man.

When the boy confessed to his teachers about tasting the baggie’s contents, school officials immediately had him brought to the Baystate Medical Center in Springfield. Fortunately, the doctors found him in good health. Medical officials also opined that the boy might not have ingested any of the drugs contained in the sealed bag after all.

According to Holyoke Police Lt. James Albert, the youngster loves Spider-Man, and all the other officers felt for the boy. Albert said they have not dealt with anything like this before.

As for the 29-year-old dad of the kindergartener, however, he was arrested after police officers found him in bed, along with many other bags containing the same white substance.

The officers also found similar Spider-Man-stamped baggie, like the one brought by the youngster to school, containing what is suspected to be heroin. They found the baggies in the dresser drawer located in the bedroom of the defendant. On the whole, the case was shocking and egregious, according to Assistant District Attorney Matthew Green, when he appeared in court.

Court documents also revealed that authorities also discovered some 170 baggies of heroin in Garcia’s possession. Baggies and Ziploc bags containing what is suspected to be cocaine was also found in the area.

When the police officers told Garcia about what his son did in school, the kindergartener’s father turned very emotional. The report said that Garcia entered a plea of not guilty to drug possession charges. A similar plea was also entered by the accused in charge of reckless endangerment of a child.

The judge, William Rota, ordered for Garcia to be held in custody until a dangerousness hearing, which is scheduled for November 20, is finished. The Department of Children and Families removed the boy and his sibling, who is still an infant, from the family home.