‘We Were Robbed Of Our Entire Future’: Mother Of Baby Killed By Alleged Abuse Reacts To Arrest Of Warr Acres Daycare Owner

A Warr Acres daycare owner accused of murder was arrested on Tuesday, along with her boyfriend.

Warr Acres police have been investigating Kelly Knipfer, 28, and her boyfriend Ethan Lee, 29, since February when five-month-old Liam Farrar was found unresponsive at Knipfer’s home daycare.

The baby’s parents are relieved the daycare owner has been arrested. They were shocked when they found out the details of the investigation that involved her boyfriend.

“Nothing ever prepares you for something like that,” said Daniel Farrar, victim’s father.

Daniel and Alyssa Farrar said shortly after dropping their five-month-old baby boy off at “Kelly’s Kids” daycare in February they got a call from a daycare employee. 

“She says something is wrong with Liam,” said Alyssa Farrar, victim’s mother. “We had to call 911.”   

The next time the Farrar’s saw Liam, he was in the hospital.  

“He’s intubated at Baptist,” said Farrar. “Completely unresponsive.”  

Liam was transferred to OU Children’s Hospital where doctors determined he had a brain bleed, possibly from abuse. They said Knipfer never called to check on him or visit him in the hospital.

“They asked us that the first day,” said Farrar. “Do you think the daycare could have done something?”  

Their worst fears were confirmed when the State Medical Examiner ruled their son’s death a homicide from “abusive head trauma.”

The couple said they have anxiously awaited months as Warr Acres police investigated Liam’s death.

They finally learned Tuesday that Knipfer and Lee were arrested.

Court documents show Knipfer was arrested for first-degree murder, failure to report child abuse or neglect and obtaining property by trick or deception. Lee was arrested for child abuse, possession of child pornography and obtaining property by trick or deception.

“He had access to how many little kids over the years that Kelly had this daycare,” said Farrar. “That’s disgusting.”  

They are happy justice is coming but said nothing will ever erase their loss.

“We will never get our son back and we were robbed of our entire future,” said Farrar.

The Farrar’s are pursuing a civil lawsuit. The couple’s attorney sent News 9 a statement regarding the lawsuit:  

“This is such a sad matter for this family. They are finding some solace in the charges being filed but as you can imagine they are experiencing an unimaginable grief. We are exploring all options on their behalf and will be making a decision on those in the next few days.”