Rice day care provider challenges license suspension after child reportedly injured

RICE — The state has indefinitely suspended the license of a home child care provider in Rice, according to public records from the Department of Human Services. In early September, the state ordered that Katie Sabraski’s child care license be indefinitely suspended after placing it on temporary suspension in March.

A child was allegedly seriously injured while in Sabraski’s care, according to public record.

That injury was reported to the Benton County Human Services in March, according to the Department of Human Services’ September 6 Order of Indefinite Suspension.

Sabraski is appealing the state’s ruling, she said by phone to the St. Cloud Times, but she could not go into detail about the alleged incident.

She appealed it earlier this year and an official reaffirmed the license suspension in June, according to public documents.

“The report that led to the immediate suspension order remains under investigation by Benton County Human Services,” according to the September order. “Based on these findings, the DHS cannot ensure the health and safety of the children served by your program at this time. DHS has determined that the health, safety and rights of children in your care continue to be in imminent risk of harm.”

Sabraski was licensed to care for up to 12 children at her home.

Sabraski said the state has allowed her to care for children who are related to her, and she continues to do so. She has not yet met with a judge on the matter, she said.

She’s hopeful she will regain her license after a meeting in December, Sabraski said.

There were no additional details of the incident in the public record.