Hospitalised four-year-old who was left in school-bus passes away

Muscat: The four-year-old girl who was forgotten in her kindergarten bus last week, has died in the hospital, according to one of her family members.

The family member told Times of Oman that the girl passed away on Monday morning in the hospital, where she was undergoing treatment at the ICU.

The girl was accidentally left inside the bus near the bus driver’s home for around five hours last Tuesday, and after five hours in the heat, she was found and rushed to the hospital.

The girl remained asleep inside her school-bus after it had dropped off the other children at the kindergarten.

At the time of her admission in the hospital, Al Rustaq hospital confirmed that the girl was left in a bus during the day “for an extended period of time and was then transferred to the ICU unit.”

An official from the hospital said: “The girl has unfortunately just passed away. We officially declared the death at around 1.00 pm, but she was in our ICU unit in the hospital since the incident occurred. As for the exact cause of death, that would have to be determined by doctors at a later time.”