‘We’re Struggling’: Preschool Teachers Out Of Work After Raid On Day Care Also Owned By Carla Faith

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS)– About 20 teachers are out of a job after the preschool they worked for was shut down. Counterpoint Preschool in Colorado Springs was closed because it was operated by Carla Faith, the same woman who owned a day care that was raided last week.

On Nov. 13, the Colorado Department of Human Services and Colorado Springs Police completed a welfare check at the Play Mountain Place after receiving complaints that the facility was housing more children in their care than they are licensed to house.

Play Mountain Place (credit: CBS)

At first, officers didn’t find any kids inside and Faith refused to cooperate. Soon, they heard the sounds of children coming from inside the home.

(credit: CBS)

Officers found a false wall that led to the finished basement where they located two adults and 26 children, all under the age of three.

(credit: CBS)

Records show both the day care and preschool are owned by Faith. The preschool was also raided last week and shut down by authorities.

(credit: CBS)

Teachers at the school say they didn’t do anything wrong and followed procedure.

Counterpoint Preschool (credit: CBS)

“We were not actually associated with anything going on at Play Mountain, and that’s the hardest part because we’re getting punished,” said one teacher. “We don’t know what to do. We don’t know where to go. We’re struggling.”

(credit: CBS)

Police say they will complete their investigation before determining whether to file any charges.