Tell us about the difficulties you’re having with childcare

Parents in England may be facing higher fees for childcare because of a lack of government funding, with some even reducing their working hours because of the cost.

Meanwhile the cost of training, coupled with increased scrutiny and bureaucracy from the regulator has contributed to a decrease in the number of registered childminders in recent years.

We want to hear from parents who have faced difficulties in finding suitable childcare for their children, and childminders who have or are currently struggling to continue in their current job.

Share your experiences

If you’re a parent with children in childcare, or a current or former childminder with something to share about the increasing difficulties facing the sector, please get in touch.

Have you had to reduce your hours at work to look after your children because of the cost of childcare? Have you found it difficult to find a suitable childcare placement for your child? Have you turned to grandparents, neighbours or even unregistered childminders? Are you a former childminder who has left the profession due to mounting costs and risks?

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