State Authorities Have Suspended The License Of A Colorado Springs Daycare After 26 Children – All Under Age 3 – Were Found Behind A False Wall In The Owner’s Basement

State authorities have discontinued the permit of a Colorado Springs daycare after twenty-six children all under age 3 were discovered behind a false wall in the owner’s cellar.

The owner of Play Mountain Place daycare, Carla Faith, 58-year-old, is being examined and 3 workers were detained on charges of misdeed child abuse correlating to neglect.

Carla Faith was not arrested “as detectives seek appropriate charges,” according to the sources.

After an objection concerning the number of kids being housed at Play Mountain Place, the Department of Human Services (DHS) requested the Colorado Springs Police Department to aid with a welfare analysis at the facility on Wednesday.

When police officers appeared on the scene, they did not observe any kids inside. They tried to communicate with Carla Faith at her house, which is on the same lot, but the owner declined to cooperate.

Police officers, however, could still detect some of the kids making noise leading them to a false wall that directed to the basement where they were being kept, police officials told the sources.

During their examination, officers discovered a false wall that directed to the home’s basement,” inspectors told the sources. “When officers walked down the stairs, they discovered two adults and twenty-six kids inside a finished basement, all of were under the age of three years old.”

After the disturbance, police officers began working adjacent to the DHS to get the kids back with their parents.

The Colorado Springs Police Department will manage the criminal probe while licensing matters are being managed by the DHS. The department is also examining other licensed services owned by Carla, the sources report.

Police have yet to recognize the kids or ascertain if they were correlated to Carla Faith, who had 2 of her facilities shut down by police officials in the late 1990s.

In 1998, inspectors found forty-four small children in one of Carla’s unlicensed homes, as per the sources. In 1991 she was put on 5 years probation after detectives found her in a local park with twenty-three children along with nine kids above the legal limit.

At the time, Carla said inspectors targeted her because they hated her.

They don’t approve me because I don’t always comprehend their rules,” Carla Faith said. “Do I infrequently run over limit? Yes, I do.