Mom Delivers Baby On Her Bedroom Floor Minutes After Picking Her Toddler Up From Daycare

A mother gave birth to her daughter at home only a few minutes after picking up her daughter from nursery.

Serena Nicholls, 24, was picking her three-year-old daughter, Hailie, up from daycare. After picking up her daughter she went home and she started feeling really intense contractions. Serena had always planned to have a home birth where she would have help from her midwife. She had planned it all out and yet it did not go as planned. When she started feeling contractions she called her midwife but her midwife did not make it in time. Her labor was so quick that her husband and her sister-in-law were the ones to help her deliver her own baby.

She never thought that she was ever going to have to deliver her baby. She is so proud of herself though and so happy that she was able to give birth to her baby on her own. She said that when she looks back at the moment she is so proud of herself and she can’t believe that she was able to do that herself. She said that it was such an “empowering moment” and she was so grateful that her daughter was able to meet her sister right when she was born.

Serena said that she gave birth to Hailie at home and so she wanted to do that again with her second child. She really likes being home because it makes her feel a lot more relaxed and calm. People kept telling her that the second labor would be much faster but she had no idea that it would be so fast that the midwife wasn’t even able to make it to the delivery. After Serena gave birth to her second daughter, Callie, she went to the hospital. Both Callie and mom were looked over and were later discharged. Both mom and baby were deemed healthy and ready to go home!

She admitted that a few days leading up to her birth she felt little twinges but she didn’t think she was in actual labor. She felt twinges that she had assumed were false labor contractions. She called her midwife and she was only measuring 2cm and so she wasn’t in established labor. Serena shared that right when she got home from picking up her daughter she was feeling very intense contractions and she decided to start timing them and they were already 2 minutes apart. Before she could even do anything it was already time to push! Her water then broke and she delivered her sweet little baby girl! Wow, what an incredible story! Congratulations Serena!