Elizabeth Warren’s smoke and mirrors will make poor families more poor

A vote for Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren is a vote for the type of widespread poverty not seen since America’s inception when indentured servants were still a thing.

But that’s not just an opinion — that’s a fact backed by piles of evidence concerning the senator’s utopian proposals for universal healthcare, childcare, education, you name it.

While the world she envisions in her head may appear wonderful to the untrained eye — like a prairie bustling with roses and dandelions — underneath the facade lies a dreary, empty desert devoid of innovation, of prosperity, of growth, of any of the things that make America great.

It’s a land not borne of hard work and passion, but one inexorably stunted — like a rose that tries to grow, only to be pulled apart each and every time by a viciously obnoxious cat.

Except the real-life cat is Elizabeth Warren, and her weapon of choice isn’t sharp claws but rather draconian regulations and taxes ostensibly designed to “take care of everybody” and “make the world fair” and whatever another juvenile platitude she’s adopted this week.

Take Medicare-for-All, a plan that calls for every American to be granted “free” health care coverage. It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? And she’s claimed time and time again that “costs will go down for middle-class families.” And Pocahontas never lies, didn’t you know?

Well, except for this one time …

According to research from Marie Fishpaw and Jamie Hall of the Heritage Foundation, the reality is that Warren’s vision “would cost some working families more than their budget for electricity; others, their gasoline budget; and others, even more than their food budget.”

“As a result, 73.5% of Americans will have less money in their pockets under Medicare for All. The cost of the new taxes they have to pay will be more than what they save on health care costs,” the duo of experts have confirmed.

But it gets worse. Families that currently benefit from employer-sponsored health care coverage would reportedly incur an average loss of $10,554 in income per year. Poof, there goes your money.

Even low-income working families that already benefit from government programs such as Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program would suffer losses totaling up to $5,592 per year, according to Fishpaw and Hall.

How can that be!? Because nothing in life comes free, including health care, despite what some crazy people believe about money allegedly growing on trees.

And speaking of crazy people, Warren’s wealth tax is even worse …

Warren’s proposal to siphon money from the wealthy would probably wreck the economy. This isn’t a surefire fact, but the actual facts certainly suggest it.

“Contrary to popular belief, rich people do not hoard their wealth. It’s not just sitting around doing nothing. It’s invested in public markets, real estate, private equity, corporations, startups, partnerships, and small businesses,” notes Steve Tobak, a 20+ year strategy consultant for small-to-mid-sized tech companies.

“A wealth tax would cause an annual liquidity crisis as investors who fund a sizable portion of the U.S. economy struggle to come up with the cash to pay their tax bills.”

But it gets worse. The senator’s plan is designed in such a way that some billionaire business owners would owe more in taxes than they earn.

“Potential tax rates over 100% could result from the combination of tax increases the Massachusetts senator proposes for the very top tier of the investor,” The Wall Street Journal revealed in a report earlier this month. “She wants to return the top income-tax rate to 39.6% from 37%, impose a new 14.8% tax for Social Security, add an annual tax of up to 6% on accumulated wealth and require rich investors to pay capital-gains taxes at the same rates as other income even if they don’t sell their assets.”

“Consider a billionaire with a $1,000 investment who earns a 6% return, or $60, received as a capital gain, dividend or interest. If all of Ms. Warren’s taxes are implemented, he could owe 58.2% of that or $35 in federal tax. Plus, his entire investment would incur a 6% wealth tax, i.e., at least $60. The result: taxes as high as $95 on the income of $60 for a combined tax rate of 158%.”

What would a reasonable person do in this situation? What would YOU do in this situation? Would you just sit idly by and watch your wealth be robbed from you, or would you perhaps pick up and maybe relocate to a country more hospitable to your business. And if you did theoretically relocate to another country, who do you think would pay the price for it?

Let me put it another way. Suppose there’s a man who runs a large enterprise that employees tens of thousands of people and serves hundreds of thousands of customers. And suppose the businessman one day decides to liquidate his assets and just run off into the wind because President Warren (*shudders in fright*) is coming after all his wealth.

What do you suppose would happen to every working-class family’s income then? Better yet, what do you suppose would happen to the income of the businessman’s now-unemployed former employees?