10-year-old girl loses father, having a difficult time at home and at school

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Dad’s health insurance covered his daughter, he paid child support, took her to school or appointments and would be with her until mom came home from work.

But not long ago, dad passed away.

Their daughter has been having a very difficult time at home and at school. When she went to her late father’s home to gather her belongings, she found her bicycle, iPad, clothing and other items were stolen.

Their daughter needs clothes, shoes, school supplies. She loves the beach and doing crafts and her favorite color is yellow. A gift card to Jamba Juice would have special meaning as it’s where she and her dad would often go.

Mom is working two jobs but having a hard time affording medical insurance and other expenses, plus she needs childcare while she works her second job, she needs help with transportation, after school care, and her daughter’s hula lessons.

In the spirit of laulima, if you see anywhere that you can help or give to this mother and daughter, it would surely make a huge difference during this most difficult time for them and help to brighten, even a little, their holiday season.