NHS nurse makes plea for help as take-home pay doesn’t cover rent, childcare and travel

An NHS nurse made an impassioned plea for help after her take-home pay left her penniless when rent, childcare and travel costs were accounted for.

Sarah Gilson, a Cardiac Nurse for University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, took to social media after she was left in a perilous position by her NHS wage.

She said she is unable to adequately provide for her autistic daughter because her income does not match her outgoings.

Struggling to pay my bills

Ms Gilson explained her take home pay is £2,000 a month, of which she spends £670 on rent, approximately £600 on childcare and £579 on travel.

She said: “I’m a cardiology nurse of 16 years and single mum to my beautiful daughter.

“I’m currently really struggling to pay my bills (and with the cost of living in general) so I would appreciate it if you could retweet.

Basic outgoings equal to monthly wages

She continued: “I’m more than happy to show proof of my incomings and outgoings (if you scroll down my TL I have actually provided screen shots).

“But if you wish to troll me I’m just going to block you. You are perfectly capable of ignoring this tweet if you disagree with it’s purpose. Thank you.”

She later added; “My basic outgoings (rent, travel to work and childcare) are equal to my monthly wages.”

“There is nothing left for bills and groceries, I have to work extra shifts to pay for these (if they’re available).”

Trolled like crazy

The tweet has been taken down after Gilson said she was “trolled like crazy for it”.

One Twitter user said: “Many of us lower income earners, many of us in healthcare can’t afford to be two grand worse off.

“It will be the difference between just managing as we are right now and actual being in poverty.

“Having to decide whether to eat or heat etc.”

Ms Gilson responded: “I made this point today and was trolled like crazy for it. I’m a nurse and single mum.

“I already have to work overtime to pay my bills/afford groceries because my wages cover rent/childcare/travel and that’s it.

“I can’t afford to be worse off!”

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