Let’s be Bobcat Proud starting in kindergarten

We are writing to share the primary reasons we support the Bowling Green One Community One School levy.

First, we acknowledge no solution is perfect. We agree there can be advantages to maintaining small, neighborhood schools. We went to Conneaut and Crim and have fond memories of walking to school, exploring the nearby woods and returning home in time for dinner. However, we believe the advantages of a consolidated school now outweigh the advantages of multiple schools for Bowling Green.

Dozens of community members spent almost a year, in over 20 meetings, thoroughly researching building and finance options. Teachers, parents, and residents invested their time and a majority concluded the best option is a consolidated school financed by income and property taxes. The school board listened. This speaks volumes to us.

The levy is endorsed by teacher and classified staff organizations and the PTO’s – these are the people who spend the most time with our children. And, Tony Hetrick, Bowling Green police chief, recently voiced compelling reasons why a consolidated school is safer. We trust they know best.

The fact that a consolidated school ensures equalization and minimization of class sizes is also compelling. According to Superintendent Francis Scruci, Crim enrollment for kindergarten was 83 in 2018, and 54 in 2019. A consolidated school means last-minute classroom size adjustments can be made easily across all classes – benefiting all children.

A consolidated school maximizes resources for those students with the greatest needs. This is not just about cost efficiency. A consolidated school means the important resources for counseling, social work, and academic assistance are more readily available where they are most needed.

A consolidated school unifies Bowling Green students beginning in kindergarten. It eliminates the stigma or benefit – when students enter middle school — associated with attending a particular elementary. No more Kenwood Pride or Conneaut Pride or Crim Pride. Students would be Bobcat Proud from kindergarten.

The proposed consolidated design includes separate, connected wings, retaining a small school feel in each wing, which has proven successful in the comparably sized Defiance school system for ten years.

We believe a majority of the Bobcat student body benefits from a consolidated school, which is why we support the levy. For additional information, please visit https://bgschools4kids.com/