Kindergarten teachers lament ‘backwardness’ of new curriculum

Kindergarten teachers have raised their worries about the working draft of the new national kindergarten curriculum availed by the Ministry of Education and Research.

The kindergarten teachers stipulated that not only does the new curriculum degrade them, but also, hinders their functionality. 

The ministry has, however, stated that the working draft presented was open to any proposals.

Kindergarten teachers’ proposals not included

Kindergarten teachers have complained that their recommendations were not integrated when drafting the new curriculum. This approach, therefore, makes them disadvantaged as it prevents their optimal productivity.

A board member of the Estonian Association of Kindergarten Teachers, Evelin Sarapuu, noted that the new curriculum utilized numerous outdated terminologies.

Sarapuu stipulated:

A lot is dictated regarding how to conduct learning activities and what topics to discuss in [kindergarten] groups.

The situation is demeaning to the extent that teachers are commanded to dance and sing to teach children. This is a retrogressive approach because teachers’ autonomy and creativity are hampered.

Moreover, children’s independence, innovation, and freedom will be compromised. It is the reason why teachers have termed the new curriculum backward.

Kindergarten teachers’ inventiveness obstructed

The dictatorial approach adopted by the new curriculum of how teachers should carry out basic teaching is detrimental.

Realistically, kindergarten teachers are required to be innovative and open-minded so that the young learners’ knowledgebase can be expanded.

The new curriculum prevents their open-mindedness, given that they are obliged to do basic things being taught, such as dances and songs.  

Moreover, teachers usually choose the teaching tools that children find appealing. This issue is not considered in the new curriculum based on its authoritarian approach.

Kindergarten teachers have shown their determination to voice their opinions against the new curriculum using different methods, including social media. 

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