Affidavit: Woman arrested for leaving her child alone at hospital

A San Antonio woman has been arrested for abandoning her children at a local hospital, court records show.

Chaunize Simmons, 30, is charged with abandoning a child after she left her child at a local hospital. Simmons was at the hospital because her 5-year-old was receiving treatment. She then told the nursing staff she was going to leave her 8-year-old child there because she had to go to work, an affidavit said.

Staff told Simmons that the hospital didn’t have any childcare facilities and that she couldn’t leave the child, police said. Simmons allegedly conveyed that she understood, but then left the sleeping 8-year-old unattended in the hospital room.

Before leaving, Simmons told the nursing staff where she worked, but when police went to arrest her, the staff at that location had no knowledge of her.

Simmons was arrested on Monday. Her bail is set at $5,000.