US Census Bureau wants to hear from your preschooler

PADUCAH — In less than six months you and your family will fill out the U.S. Census. The government will use the data to determine where millions of dollars in funding will go that will impact your kids.

That includes funding for programs such as food stamps, the National School Lunch Program and grants for state child care programs.

Paducah Headstart Preschool Director Kristy Lewis says the program is teaming up with the Census Bureau to make sure everyone is counted.

“We can partner alongside our families and tell the children that their parents are going to be receiving some really important mail,” Lewis said. “You know, we can teach that through fun songs. We can teach that through activities.”

The bureau is offering hundreds of free activity sheets online for every subject and every grade level for students and teachers.

The Census Bureau said almost 1 million kids under the age of 5 were not counted in the last census. That is why the bureau is asking kids themselves to make sure they’re counted. The daycare will send home activities and information on the census to parents.

“If they know the why behind the resources they are going to be receiving, then hopefully they will take that opportunity to read what they are asking, complete their document, and then if they have any questions, come to us here at Paducah Head Start,” Lewis said.

The bureau said children under 5 were most uncounted age group in 2010. That’s why our local census team is asking all schools in the area to become census partners and use this program for every grade level.