Pediatric sleep workshop in Manhasset targets kids from babies to preschool

Finding yourself yawning constantly because your babies, toddlers or preschoolers don’t sleep through the night? You may want to attend a free pediatric sleep workshop at 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 3 at the North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center’s Right From the Start location in Manhasset.

Certified pediatric sleep consultant Corey Wilbur of Port Washington, founder of her own consulting business called Let There Be Sleep, will talk to parents about how to help their children get the right amount of rest so that the whole family isn’t tired.

“I’m just working with families to help them get their little ones to sleep through the night,” Wilbur says. She’ll be talking about making sure the sleep environment is safe and conducive to sleep, napping schedules, and four basic methods of sleep training.

The session is for anyone from expectant parents to parents of 4-year-olds, Wilbur says; she has two boys herself, ages 2 and 4. Advance registration isn’t required; children may attend, but there is no baby-sitting available. The center is at 80 N. Service Rd. of the Long Island Expressway, Manhasset. For more information, call 516-626-1971 or visit