Letters: Military children deserve quality schools and daycare

Military children deserve quality schools and daycare

My nephew, his wife and their nine-month son live at Ft. Campbell.  It is the army base from which many troops are deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Military children deserve quality schools and daycare, but President Trump is betraying military families by diverting funds to his border wall. This base is one of several hundred projects designed to improve schools and daycare centers.

While service members are serving their country, they are counting on funding for the welfare of their children in daycare centers and schools. At Ft. Campbell, some playgrounds are inaccessible, and garbage cans catch water from leaks.

Trump is sending our men and women off to war, with no regard for the families they leave behind. Lawmakers, like veteran Joni Ernst, need to put money back in military projects and not allow it to be diverted to a wall.

President Trump’s allocation of funds without approval of Congress is unconstitutional and is disrespectful to the men and women serving our country. He is asking for sacrifice from the children of those who are making the ultimate sacrifice themselves.

-Helane Golden, Cedar Rapids

Our current budget debacle

Our federal government’s current deficit is in excess of $1 trillion, the highest it is has been in seven years. And, while ordinary individual Americans are paying increasingly more in personal income taxes, corporate income tax revenues so far this year are down by at least $65 billion.

By every measure, the Trumpsters’ 2017 tax cut has been an unmitigated failure, except for grossly benefiting the wealthiest Americans through corporate stock buy backs and increased dividends.

Our two Iowa senators and the other Trumpsters in Congress have been engaging in unforgivable mismanagement of our economy. Such incompetence by Senators Grassley and Ernst would get either one immediately fired from the position of a CEO or as an executive vice-president of any American business.

Grassley and Ernst, along with the other Trumpsters in Congress, inherited a booming economy. But they and their ilk in the Senate, in the House and in the Oval Office have managed and continue to manage to squander that economy in order to line the pockets of their major corporate campaign donors while padding their own pockets with the financial inducements to be gained from passing legislation that favors the very few at the expense of the very many.