Could Utah be the next state to allow you to bring your baby to work?

Utah may soon become one in a handful of states that could allow you to bring your child to work with you — at least until the child is six months old or mobile.

A new bill for the 2020 session could make that happen. It’s sponsored by Stephanie Pitcher, D-District 40, who was elected to the House of Representatives last year.

The Infant at Work Program has already been implemented in other states, like Washington and Arizona. Proponents say it helps increase productivity at work.

One of the big reasons Pitcher wanted to get behind the bill was due to childcare costs. According to the University of Utah’s Center for Child Care and Family Resources, childcare per month in Utah will cost you anywhere from $325 to $1,380 if you choose a traditional daycare center.

If legislation to join the program passes, it would only affect state agencies wishing to become part of a pilot program which, in other states, has lasted approximately one year.