Woman Leaves 6-Year Old All Alone; Still Have The Audacity To Says To Cops, “What’s The Problem?”

You leave for your work in the morning. When you come back home, you saw a bunch of cops standing just outside your main entrance. What’s the first word you will ask them? You may just ask,” What’s the problem, Officers?” What’s wrong with that? Nothing, unless if you have left your small child all day long home alone while she was sick carelessly.

A mother from Wichita Falls, Kansas has been taken under custody because she left her child in pain. She has been charged with Child Abandoning and Endangering. Her daughter was later born to medical services for proper treatment of the illness.

Who Is This Cold-Hearted Mother?

Isobella Thomas has gone early to get some things done. She left her 6-year old girl back in the home with her siblings. The reason was stated that she is not sufficiently well to attend the school along with her siblings.

How Did The Police get To The Baby Girl?

The police took the help of the little girl who was left behind in the house. The girl, whose name has not been released, contacted her biological father, who lives in North Carolina. She stated in the phone call that she was scared alone in the house. Her father then called his parents here, who contacted the police.

The police then searched for the initials that the little girl gave. It was somewhere on Colquitt Road. She didn’t provide the full address as she was so scared to give it to her father. The father then talked her out for the address by promising his daughter Halloween Candy.

The police officers then reached over the house and saved the girl at around 5 p.m. The mother was contacted and called over her home. She was furious with the police officers and on her daughter too. When the police asked whether she left her or not, she immediately replied, “Yes, what’s the problem?”. She also stated that she had left her in the past too. It had never been a problem for her. She went around 7:30 in the morning and was planning to come home in the dawn after picking all of the children from daycare. Further details regarding the case are yet to be released.