Former Shawnee daycare owner arrested, charged after 6-month-old found severely beaten and vomiting

SHAWNEE, Kan. — After three months of waiting, a family feels they are finally getting justice for their son.

On June 20, Sarah Braun picked up her 6-month-old son, Glen, from a home daycare run by 53-year-old Katherine Konon. She noticed her son was vomiting and had red marks all over his head.

“He was only six months old. He wasn’t even crawling or sitting up by himself yet,” Braun said. “The abuse he suffered, the way the doctors told us, it was unimaginable,” 

Doctors at Children’s Mercy Hospital said the red marks were a hand print. Glen was hit so hard, it caused a brain bleed. That was 98 days ago.

Katherine Konon picture from Johnson County

Konon was arrested Wednesday and charged with aggravated battery causing great bodily harm.

“It’s really hard on how long it’s taking to get justice for our son,” Glen’s father, Brett Braun, said “I can [now] at least say her name. She has been formally charged. She has got handcuffs placed on her.”

Konon did not answer the door when FOX4 went to her house to get her side of the story. That home is no longer a daycare. Besides the criminal charges, the state has revoked Konon’s daycare license.

“We will follow every step of the case,” Sarah Braun said. “We will be at all the court proceedings. We will make sure that she knows Glen has a voice, and that’s what we will do for our son.”

Konon is expected in court on Oct. 4.

Many children who are beaten, as police say Glen Braun was, suffer permanent damage. Thankfully, the now 9-month-old seems to have fully recovered. Doctors are still tracking his progress.