Abusive daycare manager to be released to house arrest?

The Supreme Court will discuss Monday a request by Carmel Mauda to be released to house arrest.

Mauda’s lawyer, Ephraim Dimri, said: “She does not take her difficult actions lightly. The severity of the actions cannot be the only reason for arrest. There is concern that Mauda may harm herself.”

Mauda, 25, ran the “Baby Love” daycare center for babies and toddlers three months to three years out of her Rosh Ha’ayin home.

Initially, Mauda denied the allegations against her. However, when confronted by police investigators with photographs of the security videos documenting the abuse, she changed her version of the events.

“Here I had a black day,” she said in response to one video and when the researchers showed her another video in which she appeared to hurt one of the children, she said: “On this day I was a devil.”

Mauda was indicted in July on 18 charges for offenses of abuse of a minor or helpless person and assaulting a minor or helpless person.