10 Of The Best Gifts To Buy For The Coolest Preschooler In The Neighborhood

Let’s be honest: Preschoolers are really cool. By age 3 or 4, kids’ personalities really start to shine, and they truly become their own little people! No matter what they’re doing — whether they’re putting together a puzzle or drawing in their coloring book — they’re super confident about it.

This is also the age when kids start to really understand — and get excited about — presents! But what do you get for a preschooler who is cooler than you are? Good question. It can be hard to shop for holiday gifts for kids who are way more hip than the adults in their lives. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you’re stumped trying to come up with gift ideas for a super-cool little kid, look no further than Target! Check out this list of items that will make any preschooler jump for joy.

1. Peppa Pig Peppa Fest Glamping Tent

If you know any preschoolers who are obsessed with Peppa Pig, they probably already have a whole bunch of Peppa products. We doubt they have this awesome Peppa Fest Glamping Tent, though! This super-fun tent contains a number of fun accessories, including a bathtub, toilet, colorful bed, guitar and drum set, and a BBQ!

Peppa Pig Peppa Fest Glamping Tent ($24.99, Target)

2. “Kidz Bop 39” (Target Exclusive)

If your kid is obsessed with music, this is the perfect gift! Kidz Bop takes some of the top songs from hit radio stations and makes them kid-friendly by changing the lyrics and having the Kidz Bop Kids perform the songs. This disc has songs like “Youngblood,” “In My Feelings,” “High Hopes,” and “Eastside.” This Target Exclusive version also has four bonus tracks: “Lie,” “Delicate,” “I’m a Mess,” and “Remind Me To Forget.”

Kidz Bop 39 (Target Exclusive) ($11.99, Target)

3. “The Polar Express” by Chris Van Allsburg

When it comes to essential Christmas books, The Polar Express is a must-have. The book, which is perfect for preschool-age kids who finally understand the concept of Christmas, tells the story of a little boy who goes on a magical trip on the Polar Express and ends up at the North Pole. This 30th anniversary edition of the book comes with an adorable “All Aboard” ornament, an author’s note, and a downloadable audiobook (narrated by Liam Neeson).

Polar Express (Anniversary) (Mixed media product) by Chris Van Allsburg ($19.99, Target)

4. Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends Doll – Jessicake

Like your little one, Kindi Kids are preschoolers, and they’re absolutely adorable! This super-sweet Jessicake doll has a wobbly head and a cute outfit, and she comes with a yummy cupcake and sprinkle set. Any little kid will be amazed by how Jessicake magically “eats” the cherry off her cupcake! Don’t forget to watch Jessicake and her other Kindi friends on their YouTube channel.

Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends Doll – Jessicake ($24.99, Target)

5. “NOW Disney Princess” CD

Do you know a kid who is constantly singing songs from Disney movies? Chances are they’d love this CD as a gift. Featuring songs from Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White, Mulan, Tangled, Enchanted, and more, this gift is sure to be a hit (older kids will love it, too).

“NOW Disney Princess” ($11.29, Target)

6. PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Cruiser Toy Vehicle

Let’s be honest: Kids love PAW Patrol. Preschoolers are obsessed with the characters and absolutely love watching the show. If you know a little kid who adores PAW Patrol, this Mighty Pups Cruiser Toy Vehicle is the perfect gift for them! The Mighty Cruiser comes with three figurines — the Mighty Twins and Robodog — and three vehicles, which all pack inside the Mighty Cruiser! The Mighty Cruiser even makes real noises and has a vehicle launcher.

PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Cruiser Toy Vehicle ($44.99, Target)

7. “Frozen II” Picture Book

Do you know a preschooler who is obsessed with Frozen? Of course you do, preschoolers love Anna and Elsa. Frozen II, which comes to theaters on November 22, 2019, is going to be a huge hit among kids, so lean into the trend with this adorable picture book!

Frozen II Picture Book ($16.99, Target)

8. Disney T.O.T.S. Nursery Headquarters Playset

Disney’s Tiny Ones Transport Service (T.O.T.S.) nursery headquarters is so cute! The playset, which comes with three baby animal figurines, is great for any kids who love taking care of their little siblings, playing “mommy,” or helping out around the house. The playset also comes with all sorts of accessories for the baby animals, like a brush, bathtub, and bottles.

Disney T.O.T.S. Nursery Headquarters Playset ($39.99, Target)

9. The Elf on the Shelf

Start your own Christmas tradition with the Elf on the Shelf! The book tells the story of the elves who work for Santa and keep an eye on kids around the world to report back about whether they’re naughty or nice. The book, of course, comes with an Elf on the Shelf doll, so parents can start the tradition in their own homes! Kids will be obsessed with this little elf doll who moves around the house each night and tells Santa if they’ve been good or bad.

The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition ($29.95, Target)

10. Play-Doh Firetruck

Little kids love Play-Doh. This year, treat them to a super cool Play-Doh firetruck, complete with a “water cannon” that squeezes Play-Doh out of a hose with a crank and a variety of Play-Doh molds (like fire hydrants and firefighter badges).

Play-Doh Wheels Firetruck 5pk ($19.99, Target)