Child care providers, educators working to “meet demand” in SLC

Dec 06, 2017 — Starting next fall, students at SUNY Canton will have a new major to pick from – one that’s meant to address a shortage of child care options for working parents.

The new degree covers education and management, and it’s geared toward students who might want to open their own day care centers.

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  1. Yolva Vela

    I totally agree with the article “We’re not meeting the demand.”
    We can have a great education to become preschool teachers, but are we getting the tools to be in the real world? With all the situations we are going to encounter? What happen when great educators open their own children center or day cares and few years later they have to go out of business? I absolutely agree that we need to be preparing for management, we need to be send with the right tools to succeed for example before The Business of Education Conference 2017 I had never hear nothing similar and that can’t be right! we need to be aware of what can and can’t happen as a employer, or employee we need to cover all the fronts for our own good and the children. It is scary but because we don’t have the tools ones we acquire this tools we will be ready to succeed. We can’t have parents like Marie Loson that is debating between working and staying home because “ We’re not meeting the demand” so cheers to new degree that covers education and management, and this good news are worth sharing them with other educators who are planning to open a daycare or children center in the near future.