Young boy partners with pizza shop to collect pajamas for those in need

A 2nd grader from Glastonbury loves soccer, playing with his dog, and helping those who are less fortunate.

When 7-year-old Oliver was in preschool, he created “Oliver’s Pajama Project” to help distribute pajamas for donation to those in need.

His preschool class began collecting pajamas for donation and when he went home, he asked his parents if they could buy 100 pairs of pajamas for him to bring back to school.

Oliver’s parents explained that while they could not do that, they offered him an alternative idea.

Now, every fall as the temperatures start to drop, Oliver collects brand new pajamas. The pajamas are intended to be worn for kids and teenagers.

“It makes me happy to just help other kids who don’t have any,” said Oliver.

When 1000 Degrees Pizza heard about the project, the co-owner Jacqueline Weiss said she decided to partner with him.

The incentive is a free 10-inch pizza for anyone who donates pajamas to “Oliver’s Pajama Project.” There is no limit to how much any one donates and how much free pizza is made.

Oliver’s goal is 1000 pairs of pajamas.

“Instead of somebody spending $10 here to come have a pizza, I would rather them go spend $10, get a pair of pajamas, come in here and we’ll give them a free pizza,” said Weiss.

All pajamas will go to the Connecticut Pajama Program where they will be distributed to those in need.

Those interested in donating, 1000 Degrees Pizza in Glastonbury is collecting donations until the end of the month.

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