Suspect Attempts to Kidnap Two Infants From Daycare Center

It’s every working parent’s worst nightmare. Despite all of the security measures in place, the credible staff and organized curriculum, the daycare a child is dropped off at gets an unwelcomed visitor and soon two babies are soon found missing from their room. This was the scene at a Delaware care center late last week as a suspect entered and attempted to kidnap the children.

Calvin Davis, 47, rang the front doorbell to get access into Happy Kids Academy in Newark at around 7 a.m. and was greeted by a female worker whom he immediately pushed aside to make his way through the door and directly over to the infant room. Another female worker confronted him and he started a verbal confrontation with her before punching her the face and picking up two nearby babies, cradling one under each arm and heading back toward the exit. Davis was blocked from leaving by another caregiver who managed to grab a baby from him. The second child was caught as it was slipping from the man’s grasp.

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