Choosing The Right Daycare Greatly Impacts Your Child’s Life

Years ago – when my ex husband told me it was time for me to become gainfully employed again — I was devastated. I remember hearing those words… the feeling in my gut …. and they rang in my ears for a long time to follow! I did not want to work at a 9-5 – I wanted a 24/7 “Mommy“ role and responsibility – I wanted to stay home and raise my babies and be their primary caretaker. He crushed all of my hopes and dreams of raising them by myself while he traveled the country – moving up in the business world quickly. I am sure a lot of Moms and women can relate with the struggle of being a stay at home Mom and also wanting to use your power, education and experiences to influence companies in a great way. But that wasn’t my struggle – mine was coping with the loss of being where I wanted to be – all the time – with my kids, at home.

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