When Is Crying At Day Care A Red Flag? An Expert Weighs In

Day care can be a really great thing — your child gets to hang out with tons of other kids, they learn new skills, their immune systems grow exponentially, and the right one can ease a lot of worry. But no matter how great it is, your kid may still cry their eyes out every time they go. This is pretty normal, but when is crying at day care a red flag? What should you be looking for?

Choosing the right day care is really stressful. You have to balance need, distance, budget, and really, the vibe you get from them, and it seems like an impossible task. For the most part, day cares really work hard to provide your child with the best, safest, and most loving environment possible. But everyone’s heard the day care horror stories. It doesn’t matter that those are a tiny minority — it’s terrifying.

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