Teaching Tomorrow’s Teachers

It’s this confluence of purpose, entrepreneurship, practical business experience and immersed understanding of the legal ramifications of noncompliance and criminal prosecution that sets Childcare Compliance apart in their training. Years of practical experience, survey of the field, and vigorous monitoring of actual legal and civil cases have enable Childcare Compliance to formulate the “Big 10” core topics.
Childcare Compliance clients include Head Start delegate organizations, charter schools, Resource and Referral Agencies, family home care and large-scale center based childcare providers. Educators, administrators, union officials, and general childcare staff are trained on the best practices in these ten childcare subject areas. These topics reflect best practices as outlined by the California Early Childhood Competencies and as experienced by legal and business professionals. The full course includes 10+ courses of legal and business training. Select topics include:

  • Negligent Supervision – The basis for many incidents and lawsuits that affect providers’ abilities to continue in business or maintain a professional reputation
  • Visitor and Guest Liability – What the provider must know and do when visitors, vendors and guests arrive at the school
  • Guidelines for Releasing Children – Best standards procedures for signing children into the school and releasing them to parents and court-approved guardians at the end of the day
  • Parental Rights – What parents can do and cannot do when their children are at school and their responsibility in relation to the school
  • Field Trip Safety – Best standards procedures to protect the students, school and staff and ensure parents are aware of incidents during organized time away from school
  • How to Write a Legally Sound and Accurate Injury Report – Incidents not properly documented can increase the legal liability for the provider
  • How to Prepare for a Deposition – How to prepare for and train staff to undergo depositions in the face of a lawsuit
  • Enforcing Ethics Legally – A way for administrators to enforce ethical and professional practices on staff to foster a quality education environment
  • Composing Strong Admission Agreements – Developing and instituting policy statements, newsletters and information sheets with which parents will be in agreement and in compliance
  • Employment Issues Common in Childcare – An overview of childcare industry employment situations and how to avoid the pitfalls