No One Understands Your Needs More Than We Do

Caring for someone else’s child can be stressful. There are great days but also moments you may feel pressure to meet the demands of licensing authorities, sources of financing, parents, and the kids themselves who rely on you for a safe and nurturing setting.

We know this because we’ve been exactly where you are – providing childcare – and we’ve learned that being in compliance with all laws is critical when it comes to protecting your reputation and business. Childcare Compliance has been a leader in our industry since 1974, successfully assisting providers in person, and now through online resources, such as our Comply Ally kiosk. When you join Childcare Compliance, you will have access to a full range of tools that help to guard you against liability:

  • Custom forms: Applications, Contracts, and Policies
  • Current Government Compliance Regulations
  • Current Agency Compliance Requirements
  • Simple and Reliable Contract Renewals

Why bend the rules when less than $1 per day buys you the confidence to avoid mistakes that can jeopardize your career? A team including childcare lawyers, educators, and IT professionals have drafted documents and created software that enables you to centrally store administrative and regulatory data that will make all the difference in your pursuit of legal compliance. You may not yet have defended yourself against charges of Childcare, Labor, or Family Law violations. But luck is not a business strategy, and unless you take the necessary steps to get organized, discovery of non-compliance could one day cause your luck to run out.