Making the Difference for Agencies

We understand how hard it is to stay current with the constantly changing rules governing childcare. You want to give your providers the best possible service, and you need to be certain that their efforts don’t compromise your own business. No wonder you’re occasionally frustrated or feel overwhelmed by your accountability – especially when audits, diminishing budgets, looming fines and penalties, all threaten to complicate your relationship with childcare professionals genuinely striving to offer a safe and effective learning environment.

Let us help. Since 1974, Childcare Compliance has been successfully assisting providers, both in person and now through online resources, such as our industry-leading Comply Ally kiosk. When you join Childcare Compliance, your providers will have unlimited access to a full range of tools that create peace of mind for you and your caregivers.

Childcare Compliance membership provides automated online and downloadable paperwork that can also be used by agencies that offer their own childcare programs. That’s right, we can customize the solution that best suits your needs.

Parent Contracts and Information

  • Admission and Tuition Contracts
  • Parent Handbooks
  • Injury Reports
  • Mandatory Compliance Documents

Employment Contracts and Forms

  • Applications
  • Agreements
  • Evaluations
  • Disciplinary Notices
  • Termination

Training and Education

  • Strategy Focus on Organization and Preparation
  • Handling Controversy and Crisis Management Skills
  • Mitigating Damages
  • Defending Against Allegations of Negligent Supervision and Liability